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Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Reviews: Pros, Cons & Troubleshooting Tips

Having a great cup of coffee in the morning can make a world of difference for most of us. The company called “Mr Coffee” has made a semi-automatic espresso machine that promises gourmet coffee drinks cup after cup. They have been on the market since 1970 and their Mr Coffee Café Barista Machine is currently the number one best seller on Amazon. Our team researched this product for a week, and we were surprised by the large amount of Mr Coffee Cafe Barista reviews.

People seem to love the user-friendly experience and the milk-frothing option this espresso machine comes with. Mr Coffee even claims that with this machine, anyone will be able to make a cup of espresso like a professional.

In the midst of our research, the main question our team tried to answer is: Does this product really deserve its number 1 spot, or is this just another affordable but mediocre coffee maker? Read the article and discover what we found out! 

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Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Reviews at One Glance

  • Practical and efficient, this machine will give you a similar cup of coffee that you can get from a coffee stand, and that’s what most people count on.
  • The removable parts can be a bit of a pain, as well as the short life-span, and the inconsistency of quality espresso cups.

What’s In the Box?

If you’re considering where to buy this espresso machine, you’ve got a variety of options. You can go to >>> AMAZON <<<, which seems to be the favorite and most convenient way, but it’s also available at other physical and online stores. Researching about a truly great coffee machine can be complicated and time consuming. That’s exactly why we prepared this article – so you won’t have to go through the mass number of Mr Coffee Cafe Barista reviews yourself!

Here’s what you get in the box:

  • Espresso Machine with removable Milk Reservoir and Water Reservoir
  • Single Shot Filter and Double Shot Filter
  • Measuring Scoop
  • Tamper
  • Coffee Recipes
  • Instruction Manual

The espresso machine is 12.6″ tall, 8.86″ wide and weighs 10.37 lbs. Simply put, it doesn’t take up space and is relatively light. Included in the package are the instruction manual and 20 recipes that will make your coffee tasty & unique.

Removable and adjustable parts is what makes this machine different from the rest. You can remove the water and milk reservoir as well as the drip catcher or adjust your cup tray to accommodate different cup heights.

On the coffeemaker itself you’ll find a control panel that allows you to create a single or a double shot of latte, cappuccino, or espresso.  If you hold the button you can get as much as 5oz. of coffee at once. Yum!

Here is a video that shows how to use the Café Barista:

This machine does not have a built in bean grinder. If you want to grind your own beans, you can check out this Automatic Burr Mill Grinder with 18 custom grinds.

Features & Specifications

We really liked the modern look of this espresso machine. It is not as attention-getting as other high-end machines, but the metallic design gives it a nice polished look. Did we mention it’s super-easy to wipe clean?

The Café Barista Machine is slightly larger than its predecessor Mr Coffee Pump Espresso Maker. This is due to its removable milk reservoir that also froths the milk for you. Dairy, coconut, soy, nut, or rice milk – the choice is yours.

You won’t be able to grind your coffee, so have that in mind. The Mr Coffee Cafe Barista holds a metal filter just like most other similar products on the market. After filling it with your favorite ground coffee, lock it tightly under the brew head. You get 2 filter holders, one for a single shot and a deeper one for double shots.

Something innovative that differentiates this product from the rest is its removable and adjustable parts. As we went through the Mr Coffee Cafe Barista reviews, we saw the need to discuss these parts further:

The Milk Reservoir

mr coffee barista reviews say that this machine can make different kinds of coffee

This part makes the whole machine a bit bulkier, but it’s absolutely worth it. You get the option to adjust the foam level by turning a dial on the milk frother.

Most buyers of the Mr Coffee Café Barista love how easy it is to froth the milk this way. If you wish to make a latte, you should turn the dial just slightly. For cappuccinos you’ll want to turn it almost all the way.

Another great thing about it is that the container is removable, so after you’re done you can simply place it in the fridge, to be used later that day. With that being said, make sure you clean the frother after every use. Do this by starting a normal frothing cycle with water in the reservoir instead of milk. This will prevent clogs and curdles, which you want to avoid.

The Smart Control Panel

User-friendly is the first word that comes to mind when describing the control panel. You can start making your Espresso, Cappuccino or Latte by simply pressing a button. Those that have used Barista Coffee loved the display’s elegant design and of course, love the fact that it is super easy to understand and use.

Removable Water Reservoir

This is another convenient feature that allows the user to fill water easily at the sink. It is large enough to hold water for 2 servings.

From what we’ve gathered, you’ll need to push the water container quite a bit to click it in the proper place. Most people who don’t do this somehow get significantly smaller amounts of coffee. Some users recommended avoiding taking the water reservoir out of place. They say that it is actually easier this way than having to click it in and out every time.

Highlights from Mr Coffee Cafe Barista Reviews (The Pros)

  • For just a bit under $200 you get a semi-professional machine that challenges the popular coffee shops with its ability to make different kinds of coffee.
  • Froths the milk for you and it has an adjustable dial, which is one of the most favorite features among customers, based on the Mr Coffee Cafe Barista reviews.
  • Easy to use control display that allows a single, double, or prolonged shots of coffee.
  • Uses less espresso to make your cup. Usually the coffee machines require 4 scoops, you’ll fill the single shot filter with one and a half which is a money saver. Especially if you’re going after great quality (more expensive) coffee grinds.
  • The electric pump gives you 15 Bars of pressure. To find out more about the difference between bars, and what it means watch this video:

Problems & Troubleshooting (The Cons)

From what we summarized from the Mr Coffee Cafe Barista reviews, not everything is as perfect and convenient as it seems:

  • Initially, the removable water holder is convenient, but placing it back on can cause a seam slip sometimes, making the taste of the coffee less than ideal. People avoid this problem by not taking the reservoir out at all. In our eyes this snuffed the convenience of having a removable water reservoir.
  • It can be inconsistent  – People take promises about great coffee seriously, and not being able to count on it every single time can cause stress to some.
  • Expect it to last a year, maybe 2. Unlike the high-end espresso machines, Cafe Barista has a shorter life-span. But because of it’s affordability, most people are OK with this fact.

In the event that you are not happy with your product or encounter a manufacturing issue, you are covered by a 1-year limited warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a regular cup of coffee with Cafe Barista?

Yes you can. If you wish to make a regular cup of coffee, use the single or double filter and run it on a double cycle with the same ground.

Does it automatically turn off after you’re done making the espresso/frothing milk?

The Cafe Barista will automatically stop running and go to “sleep mode” after 15 minutes of inactivity. Keep in mind that you still need to turn off the rear power button manually. Also do not forget to put the leftover milk in the fridge!

Can you make cappuccinos that are mild in strength?

Absolutely! The first option is choosing between the single and double filter. Also, you can get mild espresso powder, such as Starbucks espresso. For a stronger option, consider Publix espresso. Additionally, adding more milk froth to your coffee will make it milder.

What’s in the recipe book?

You’ll find 20 different recipes, including espresso martinis, raspberry cappuccinos, and choco-nutty lattes.

Our Final Opinion

Based on the multitude of Mr Coffee Cafe Barista reviews, it is a handy little machine that most people seem to love. Despite some of its downfalls, it is still super convenient for home use and the recipes that come with it are thoughtful and tasty. For simple everyday use, it serves more than its purpose. It is fast, efficient, and not nearly as noisy as some similar products on the market.

Overall, the Mr Coffee Café Barista does provide good quality for the money you pay, and we would definitely get one for ourselves. We love anything that helps us cope a bit better with our busy schedules!

Not Ready to Buy Yet?

If you have any questions, comments or concerns left, please don’t hesitate to drop us a comment. We’d also love people to share their experiences with the Mr Coffee Cafe Barista.

Just let us know. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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