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Best Low Acid Coffee Brands 2018 – Our 5 Most Tasty Options

There is nothing quite like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. Nowadays, there are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the right coffee for your budget, style, and most importantly, taste. But have you ever had heartburn or an upset stomach after taking your favorite morning elixir? While you might jump to the conclusion that it’s lactose intolerance or maybe it’s whatever you ate for dinner last night, well, the sad truth is that it’s probably the acidity of your coffee that is making you feel unwell.

“But I can’t live without coffee!” we hear you say. That’s ok, neither can we! Thankfully, there is a way around this dilemma. Today we will be reviewing the 5 best low acid coffee brands available on the market. You can get decaf if you want your coffee without the caffeine buzz, and similarly, you can now also get low acid coffee to avoid the unwanted side effects.

Best Low Acid Coffee Brands 2018 Compared

  • Health Wise Colombian Gourmet
  • 6.1 PH, FDA Approved, Kosher-Certified, and Vatican-endorsed.
  • Health wise is dark-roast which can taste strong to some.
  • Simpatico Arabica Coffee
  • 5.75 - 5.9 PH, Smooth, full rich flavor, and Straighttrade.org certified.
  • Simpatico sells both low acid and regular blends. Make sure you order the right one!
  • Java Planet Colombian Organic
  • Family owned and operated company, USDA Organic Certified, and Fair Trade USA Certified.
  • Medium to dark roast can be overly strong for some coffee drinkers and whole beans can be too oily.
  • Mommee Coffee
  • 5.8-6 PH, USDA Organic Certified, and Fair Trade USA Certified.
  • Half-Caff can be a downside if you prefer full-strength coffee and the flavor is not for everyone.
  • Tieman's Fusion Coffee
  • Contains Antioxidant properties and has no Artificial additives.
  • The addition of tea leaves and goji berry to the blend is not for everyone. The blend comes pre-ground, so this isn’t for those who like to grind their own beans.

What To Look For In Low Acid Coffee

So you want to give acid free or low-acid coffee a try, but where do you start? You might have several questions, like what are the best brands to try? Or what difference does low-acid coffee have over the regular brew? You can find the answers here. We’ve done the research for you and compared the best low acid coffee brands available. When purchasing low-acid coffee there are several things to consider:

Low Acid – What Do You Need to Know?

Coffee boasts of a good range of health benefits. However, some people avoid drinking it due to having a sensitive stomach and because of how the coffee affects them. Some unlucky people can experience symptoms such as an upset stomach, reflux, heartburn, and even diarrhea after drinking certain types of coffee, so they just stop drinking it. The good news is that you don’t have to give up your caffeine fix altogether, you may just need to switch to a low acid variety instead.If you have lactose intolerance choose one of Best Low Acid Coffee Brands

Coffee naturally has a certain level of acidity to it, but not all brands are the same –and not all acids are the same. Not all of the substance found in coffee are harmful or irritating to the digestive system. In fact it is quite the opposite. One of the naturally occurring chemicals found in coffee, N-methylpyridinium (NMP), has been shown to reduce the amount of stomach acid of coffee drinkers. The ‘bad-guys’ that you will want to avoid are Catechol and N-alkanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamides (N5H).

If it’s been awhile since you were in chemistry at school, acidity is measured in PH scales – and the lower the PH the more acidic something is. “Regular coffee” usually comes in around at around 5-5.2 PH level. Low acid coffee is generally around 5.75PH or above.

Research has found that the longer the coffee beans have been roasted for, the less of the bad acids and the higher the NMP content will be. The downside of this is that the longer, and darker the roast, the more bitter tasting the coffee beans can become.The roast defines the taste of the Best Low Acid Coffee BrandsThere is also another thing to consider when shopping around for low acid coffee, and that is how the coffee has been treated before and during the roasting process. Some manufactures have worked out ways to steam or heat treat, and in some instances use chemical treatments, to further lower the coffee beans’ harmful, acid producing N5H and Catechol levels, without degrading the good NMP content.

Medium Roast or Dark Roast?

Coffee beans are roasted to bring out the flavor. You’ve probably heard the terms medium or dark roast, but what do they mean? The level of roast can actually mean a few different things. Firstly, and the most obvious is how long it’s been roasted for and the color that the beans become. Raw coffee beans are green, and as they are roasted, they gradually turn a light shade of brown, and then rich brown until they become quite dark in color so that they are almost black.

The longer that the beans have been roasted and the darker the color, the less caffeine will be present in your cup of coffee. The roasting process reduces the caffeine chemical in the coffee beans. So, if you’re after a caffeine kick then medium roast is the way to go.Some Best Low Acid Coffee Brands are dark roast or medium roast.The darker the roast is, the more bitter the coffee can become. If it is too dark, the coffee can get a “burnt” after taste. This is dependent on the way the beans have been roasted. Different processes and the care taken ensure that the beans are not pushed too far past their flavor threshold. Spanish coffee for instance is roasted at high temperatures to give the coffee a distinct “charred” flavor. French coffee, however, tends to be roasted slowly over a low heat to give it a mild yet full flavor.

The Roast classification can also refer to the region where the coffee has been grown and roasted. As mentioned above, French and European blends tend to be classified as ‘medium roast’, while Spanish, Turkish, Greek, and Italian tend to be more ‘Dark Roast’ blends.

How and Where is Your Coffee Sourced?

Some people smell the coffee brewing, roll out of bed, and start drinking it before their eyes have even opened. But have you thought about where your coffee comes from? Is it ethically sourced from family run farms or is it mass produced under artificial conditions? Is it FDA Organic certified?  We found ethically sourced Best Low Acid Coffee BrandsWhere your coffee comes from not only makes a difference to the way it tastes, it also has an impact on the environment, and fair-trading agreements ensure that hardworking families receive a fair and ethical payment for the beans.

The climate and local environmental conditions also affect the way your coffee tastes, Colombian Arabica coffee has a very different taste to Robusta coffee grown in Africa. Other variables also make a distinct difference, for instance, the type of soil, amount of water and even the amount of sun or shade that the coffee plant receives.

You might not have thought of these things, but that’s okay because we’ve done the homework for you and spelled it out in our individual product reviews below. So let’s get to the coffee now, shall we?

Health Wise Colombian Gourmet

This is our best low acid coffee brands pick

  • 6.1 PH
  • 100% Colombian Supremo Arabica Beans
  • FDA Approved
  • Kosher-Certified
  • Vatican-endorsed
  • Health wise is dark-roast which can taste too strong for some

Health Wise uses a ‘Techno Roasting’ process to eliminate the irritating acidity of the coffee beans whilst simultaneously locking in the nutrients and minerals that you get from drinking coffee. This is a natural process that doesn’t add any chemicals or other additives to the coffee.

Health Wise low acid gourmet coffee has a robust flavor and smooth texture that you will really enjoy, with no bitterness. If you usually add milk or creamer to your caffeinated beverages to disguise the bitterness of the coffee, you may find that you don’t need to do that with Health Wise. This is great for anyone who has lactose intolerance but dislikes the bitterness that can sometime be associated with some regular coffee brands.

Health Wise is also Kosher-Certified, which gives peace of mind when inviting guests over for coffee. Health wise also has a Decaffeinated option for those that enjoy drinking coffee but would like to avoid the caffeine kick.

Simpatico Arabica Coffee

Simpatico is one of the best low acid coffee brands in our view

  • 5.75 – 5.9 PH
  • Smooth, full rich flavor
  • Straighttrade.org certified

  • Simpatico sells both low acid and regular blends. Make sure you order the right one!

Simpatico sources its coffee directly from small family-owned farms making it a good choice for coffee drinkers concerned about ethical trade practices. Simpatico is reasonably priced and the quality of the coffee is second to none.

The coffee beans themselves are shade-grown using traditional growing methods. Because the coffee beans are not massed-produced using forced growing techniques, the flavor is much richer and smoother. Depending on your individual tastes, Simpatico offers a medium, black & tan, and dark roast variety; or for the espresso lover a ‘Way Darker’ blend for a full-bodied rich coffee with notes of dark chocolate.

Java Planet Colombian Organic Coffee Beans

Have a look at this very good low acid coffee brand

  • Family-owned and operated company
  • USDA Organic Certified
  • Fair Trade USA Certified

  • Medium to dark roast can be overly strong for some coffee drinkers
  • Whole beans can be too oily

Java Planet is a family-owned and operated business that only uses organically grown Arabica coffee beans. The full-flavored coffee is dry roasted in small batches to maintain quality flavor and freshness.

Java Planet has many loyal followers that swear by the coffee and the company itself. It’s one of those things that you either love or hate. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground among the opinions of discerning coffee aficionados on this one.

Mommee Coffee – Half Caff, Organic Coffee

Here's why Momee coffee is a good low acid coffee brand

  • 5.8-6 PH
  • Low acid, half-strength caffeine
  • USDA Organic Certified
  • Fair Trade USA Certified

  • Half-Caff can be a downside if you prefer full-strength coffee
  • The flavor is not for everyone’s taste

Mommee Coffee has a bit of everything for everyone. Mommee has been specifically designed to cater to moms but that doesn’t mean others won’t be able to enjoy this mellow brew.

With new moms, moms to-be, and those trying to conceive in mind, Mommee Coffee has been carefully developed to be a low acid, “half-caff” blend made from organic, fair trade beans. Other blends are also available in “quarter-caff” and decaf, if you prefer a milder or caffeine-free option. Mommee coffee is also low in chlorogenic acids which can be the cause of some people’s reflux symptoms.

The Mommee website also has helpful tips and advice for moms and moms-to-be on coffee drinking, their health, and the health of their child.

Tieman’s Fusion Coffee

Tieman's is one of our best low acid coffee brands because ...

  • Antioxidant properties
  • 100% Guatemalan Arabica coffee beans
  • No Artificial additives

  • The addition of tea leaves and goji berry to the blend is not for everyone’s taste.
  • The blend comes pre-ground, so this isn’t for those who like to grind their own fresh beans.

Tieman’s Fusion Coffee is a blend of Arabica coffee, Rooibos Red Tea, Matcha Green Tea, and Goji Berry Powder. The special blend of coffee beans, tea leaves, and goji berry gives Tieman’s 4 times more antioxidants than dark chocolate and 5 times more antioxidants than a cup of green tea.

The unique blend provides a refreshing full-bodied flavor that energizes the body and soul while being gentle on your digestive system. All Tieman’s blends come already ground for your convenience. Tieman’s has several varieties to choose from including a decaf option. All of their blends have a PH level of between 5.5% and 6%.

Are you planning to switch to one of the best low acid coffee brands above? Do you have other coffee brands to suggest? Let us know in the comments below!

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