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Best Cheap Gaming Headsets for PC and Consoles

“Storm the front!” “Taking fire, need assistance!” Have you ever been online to play and wonder why you were so mercilessly quickly defeated by your opponent’s team in Shooter XY? Lack of communication could be one of the reasons. And that’s where the gaming headset comes in. Exchange ideas with your teammates! Whether strategy game, MMORPG or shooter, you can simply support your team more concentrated if you do not have to bend over to the table microphone. Or even worse, not having any. Surround sound or stereo can also help you locate the sources of noise in games much better.

You want to buy a cheap gaming headset? Let us give you a brief overview of the products of 2018 in this gaming headset comparison. How to find your personal gaming headset comparison winner.

What is a gaming headset? And why do I need that?

A headset specially optimized for games? Indispensable as accessory for an online gamer PC! This reveals how numerous the target group has become in 2018. What makes a gaming headset different from a regular headset is explained in this gaming headset comparison. Here are the most important features:

  • maximum comfort, so that the headset does not squeeze and hurts after 2 hours of play
  • a microphone position that can be easily adjusted to your own needs
  • a sturdy cable that also survives contact with desk chair wheels, if you prefer the Gamer PC to
  • a console like PS4 (here you can compare PS4 headsets) or Xbox One
  • the lowest possible weight for long rounds of play
  • often a good shielding to the outside to be able to dive even deeper into the game with pure game sound
  • (Surround) sound to suit your taste and game choice.

Logitech G430 – Review

The G430 from PC specialist Logitech is a Dolby technology headset with 7.1 surround sound. The seven audio channels plus one for low-frequency effects create a breathtaking sound field that should lead the wearer directly into the game. Furthermore, an exact location of the opponent is possible. The microphone suppresses annoying background noises, so the instructions are always clearly heard, even during fierce battles. If the microphone is not used, turn it upwards.

Sound quality

The G430 offers an almost sensational sound for its price. In battles, shots look extremely realistic and you really feel like you’re in the middle of the game, we can see from customer reviews on Amazon. The location of the opponent also works perfectly. The headset is also suitable for listening to music, but here you can notice the rather bass-heavy orientation. But if you don’t mind, you will be satisfied with the sound result in this area as well. The microphone is top, it couldn’t be better in this price range.

Wearing comfort and workmanship

The headset adapts well to the head shape and can be adjusted exactly, we also take from the customer reports. In addition to the comparatively low weight, the buyers also liked the design, because over-ear headphones are simply super comfortable. As expected, the workmanship of the G430 is almost first-class, we have not found any weak points.

Scope of delivery and special features

In addition to the headset, a USB adapter and operating instructions are included. That’s a bit lean, a bag would have been nice, for example. The special thing about this model is its good sound.

Sennheiser PC 360 G4ME – Review

The Sennheiser PC 360 G4ME is primarily aimed at pro gamers, as it was developed together with the eSport team mTw. The headset scores with an open design that keeps you cool no matter how stressful the situation may be. The Pro microphone and quick-access controls, which you need for playing, chatting, listening to music and watching video, are also convincing. The noise-canceling microphone reduces ambient noise and automatically mutes when turned upwards. The headset is available in black.

Sound quality

The sound of the PC 360 arrives clearly and precisely in the own ear, the heights are unfortunately a little too sharp, as the test reports to this model have taken. But the headset scores with a very good spatial positioning. The Sennheiser is therefore perfect for gaming. Music sounds a little chilly, they say, which is why audio purists will have their problems with this sound orientation.

Wearing comfort and workmanship

The Sennheiser generously surrounds the ears with his auricles, but he presses a little on the jaw joint, while some customers on Amazon report. Overall, however, the seat of this model is already good to very good. The robust construction ensures long operating times, the workmanship is completely Sennheiser-like at a high level, we also take from the evaluations. We award 4 out of 5 stars.

Scope of delivery and special features

The scope of delivery of the PC 360 G4ME is minimal, there is only a short manual in the box next to the headset itself, unfortunately we could not make out a bag or something else. The special feature of this model is its consistent focus on games.

HyperX Cloud II – Review

The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset is an asset to any gaming freak. The tool is produced by Kingston Technology. The Hyper X gaming headset from Kingston Technology is part of Kingston’s Cloud II series.

It is delivered to the buyer in a bundle with the corresponding software and, when ordered via Amazon, is delivered within just a few days. The trendy and modern gaming headset weighs 272 g according to the manufacturer. The color is red. Kingston Technology puts the dimensions at 27.9 x 22.9 x 10.2 cm.


Kingston Technology’s Hyper X Cloud gaming headset features a redesigned audio control box. By the way, this is also able to serve the gamer as a USB sound card.

HyperX Cloud 2 ControlThis audio control box amplifies both the audio and voice signals in the HyperX Cloud II. As a result, Kingston Technology’s Hyper X Cloud gaming headset offers players an unprecedented sound and gaming experience.

Wearing comfort and workmanship

It has already been mentioned that this unique gaming headset can also offer you a lot of wearing comfort. For example, the gaming headset has its own special ear cushions, which are 100% made of the latest memory foam.

The headphone earcups are generally interchangeable, so that different sound profiles are ultimately possible due to different surfaces.

Scope of delivery and special features

But a modern and powerful gaming headset like the Hyper Cloud X also depends on its design and the equipment and accessories that come with it.

The accessories are designed to allow and guarantee the use of this gaming headset in various environmental conditions. For example, the scope of delivery includes an aircraft adapter, a wide variety of imitation leather and suede upholstery and a suitable mesh bag for mobile use on the move.

What types of gaming headsets are available?

Every headset is different. Some like their massive sound in the bass range, or their pleasant upholstery. Others, on the other hand, have additional features such as better detection of opponents in games. Others have completely committed themselves to the wireless idea in design and implementation.

Due to the wealth of different features, in this gaming headset comparison we divide all headsets into two product categories based only on what is probably the most striking feature: wired and wireless.

Wired Headsets

Are usually cheaper with the same other equipment than wireless models. In addition, it is often lighter, since no battery needs to be installed. The only disadvantage is the limited room for movement or disturbing cables on the floor, lap, chair or desk.

  • cheaper than wireless models
  • mostly lighter than wireless models (increased wearing comfort)
  • always ready for use, no waiting time because of empty batteries
  • restricted mobility

Wireless / wireless headsets

  • maximum freedom of movement, even in other rooms
  • less disturbing cables in the gaming area (PC table, console sofa)
  • mostly heavier than wired headsets
  • More expensive than wired headsets
  • Ready for operation depends on the state of charge of the internal batteries

Purchase advice: You must be aware of this when you buy a gaming headset

High wearing comfort

A gaming headset with microphone, which is often worn for hours, must be comfortable. The following criteria are important for this:

  • the lowest possible weight
  • a cushioning to your liking
  • the right design

Especially the design is decisive for the wearing and hearing experience. There are categories:

  • Open
  • half-open
  • Closed

You can read more about the difference between the three types here, for example. In general it can be said that from “open” to “half-open” to “closed” the bass reproduction and the shielding of external noise is improved. Most gaming headsets use the “Closed” design for better immersion.

The type of microphone mounting is also relevant. While some headsets use rigid microphone arms, others offer a flexible and therefore customizable gooseneck mount. This can then be freely positioned, similar to the principle of some lamp stands.

Connection type

The common connection types for gaming headsets are either USB or 3.5 mm jack. Both connection types offer their own advantages:


  • Less potential noise: the digital signals are only converted in the headset itself. Irradiation from sources of interference is therefore less likely.
  • Only one USB plug is required.
  • However, the built-in sound chip is almost always inferior to a dedicated sound card. If you have a high-quality sound card, you should connect your gaming headset directly to it via a jack!

3.5 mm jack plug

  • Potentially more sound interference possible, as the analog (and thus more interference-prone) signal is routed along the entire cable route. However, high-quality headsets usually have sufficient cable shielding.
  • The direct connection to the internal sound chip (integrated on the mainboard or in an additional sound card) means that you are not dependent on the sound quality of a headset’s own sound processor.
  • Without front audio connections, it takes longer to connect than USB headsets.

Care and cleaning tips for gaming headsets

If you wear your closed headset for a long time while playing online, this can lead to heat build-up in your ears, especially with your headphones closed. An additional padding kit can be ordered for most headsets. This allows you to quickly change the upholstery set between two rounds. Or after one year, if the first signs of wear occur.

It may also be advisable, for example after long WoW, CS-GO, LoL or CoD sessions, to carefully wipe off the ear cushions with a damp cloth and clean them. Make sure, however, that no moisture gets to the membranes! So your headset remains the best gaming headset for you for a long time.

You should be aware of this when using the gaming headset

If your new gaming headset gives you an uncomfortably cramped head feeling, or even headaches, there is something wrong. Check if your headset may be set too tightly. Maybe the temple of your glasses presses too hard on your temples through the headset. Try different settings and wearing styles.

If this does not improve, try another headphone! A change of design, i.e. from closed to semi-open, can also lead to an improvement.

Questions and Answers about the Gaming Headset

How to connect a gaming headset?

Either you need a free USB port on your device, or two 3.5 mm jacks. These are usually marked in red (micro) and green (headphones). Xbox One, PS4 and Gaming PC have different ways to connect a headset.

Which gaming headset is the best gaming headset?

If you have both USB and 3.5 mm jack available as connection type, it is best to decide on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Wearing method: open, semi-open, or closed?
  • wired, or wireless?
  • and last but not least: the price

Which Gaming Headset for PS3 / PS4 / Xbox 360/ Xbox One?

Xbox360: Official help from Microsoft Xbox Support.
Xbox One: Official help from Microsoft Xbox Support.

PS4: The PS4 supports Bluetooth, USB and jack headsets. So you have a free choice. To use a 3.5 mm jack headset you need an adapter.

Gaming Headset: wireless or wired?

Wireless convenience makes headsets expensive in no time. So consider carefully whether less cable clutter and higher mobility (within a maximum of 12 metres) are worth this surcharge. In this gaming headset comparison, there are significantly fewer wireless models than those with cables, which also reflects the market situation.

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