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Atom Longboard Review 2018 – A Board for Various Tastes

Longboards have increasingly flooded the market in the recent years since their introduction in 2005. They are the chosen ride for those who love to cruise and coast long distances, and some even go longboarding on their everyday commute.

The Atom Longboard is a great brand for those looking for a longboard with customizable features, such as color or design, and also for those searching for their first longboard. But with all the available brands in the market, is the Atom the kind of board worth buying? Our team crafted this Atom longboard review to answer this question for you.

Atom Longboard Review at One Glance

  • The board has a long life span.
  • It’s quite light and flexible, making it easier to move around.
  • The board is of high quality and that’s value for your money.
  • The product is expensive for some.
  • You might need to slightly loosen the wheel nuts before the first ride.

What’s in the Box?

Atom Longboard Review talks about longboards

The Atom Longboard is available in different styles to suit different tastes. It also comes in different lengths. When you purchase an Atom longboard you will get the following in the package:

  • Full maple laminate deck
  • Longboard Trucks (245mm axles)
  • 70 by 46 Urethane wheels
  • 5 Bearings
  • High-quality grip tape

The maple deck is designed to be stable and to hold a heavy weight when moving. Atom longboards come with large wheels that is reportedly gives better stability than smaller wheels, like in a regular skateboard.

Features and Benefits

The Atom Longboard is one of the most affordable boards available. However, being affordable doesn’t mean it is of low quality. It has many great features that is worth its high rating in the market. Among the highly attractive features of the Atom longboard that are:

The Atom Longboard has a bottleneck shapeThis Atom Longboard Review talks about the wheels

1. Control

Control is the common feature that many riders look for in a board. Good control makes the board easy to use and maneuver across the surface with ease. The grip tape that comes with Atom longboard is excellent with the accompanying rebound wheels that maintain the stability of the board. The wheels absorb most of the tension caused by bumps and rough terrain. The grip enables you to make sharp bends with finesse and confidence.

2. Stability

The board has a bottle neck shape, which balances your body’s weight and size. Its stability is exercised when it comes to the user performing tricks or when riding at top speed.

3. Flexibility

The deck of the Atom is made of bamboo. This material gives the board flexibility and makes it light enough to carry but hard to break. Bamboo is a durable material, especially when properly taken care of. This board may be ideal for commuters due to its light weight. Simply carry it when riding a train or a bus.

To see how to ride a longboard, check out this video:

Pros and Cons

These are some considerations that you might want to make before you purchase the Atom Longboard.


• Affordable: The Atom Longboard is affordable for most people.
• Portable: The board is made from a bamboo which makes it light and can be carried around with ease.
• Durable: Also, bamboo is durable and the board can have a long life through regular maintenance.
• Good for beginners: The Atom Longboard is recommended for first-time riders to use due to high stability and firm grip.
• Multi Terrain: The board can roll on most terrains, including rough tarmac and grass.
• Professional: The board also is being used by professional longboard users all over the world because of its great features.


With all the pros, we must now go to the cons. There are few disadvantages, with regards to the Atom Longboard, that customers have expressed.

• Bearing adjustment: The adjustment must be made before your first ride, and must also be checked regularly.
• Expensive for some: Although it is considered affordable, not everybody will be able to afford to buy the board.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Should I assemble the board by myself? If I should, do I require buying the tools?”
The Atom Longboard comes completely assembled.

“Is it good in cruising or does it require a hard push on surfaces that do not slope?”
The board cruises excellently along all level surfaces, it is smooth but if you want to improve on the speed you can change the bearing.

“I am new to longboard and I want to know if buying the board is worth it”
Yes! It is a great board for beginners.

Alternative Product

The Penny 36" is a good alternative as suggested in this Atom Longboard review

There are plenty of alternatives products in the market but for this Atom Longboard review, we will look at the Penny 36” Pintail as this board is a top seller.

The Penny 36” Pintail is shorter but heavier than the Atom Longboard. At the same time, it has a plastic deck while the Atom Longboard is made of bamboo. The shapes also differ: the Penny 36” has a pintail shape while the Atom Longboard has a bottle neck shape. The main disadvantage of this penny 36” pintail is that its grip is just textured while that of the atom is a high grip for great sharp corner moves.

Although not totally comparable, the Penny 36″ would be a good choice for those wanting a shorter board and those who don’t want to fuss with a bamboo deck.

Our Final Opinion

The Atom Longboard is the uniquely crafted board for you. The creators of the Atom Longboard have considered all the necessary precautions and have tested the board on different levels of terrain to suit the user. The Atom Longboard can be used by any user, may it be a professional or an amateur.

What do you think of the Atom Longboard? Can you recommend a similar or better board? Let us know in the comments below!

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