We Hate Returning Products As Much As You Do…

…so let us tell you what they can and cannot do before!

So here’s the thing: I hated real-life shopping with a passion. So Amazon and other online retailers made my life a lot easier.

But they also brought new problems:

As people are buying more and more products online – return rates are going through the roof!

In 2013 returns were estimated to be at a mind-blowing 33% of all purchases made online.

About Best Patrols
Foto by Carlos Muza @unsplash.com

Now, I don’t want you to waste money and time on products I’d eventually return. But that happened far to often. Until I became somewhat obsessed with product research.

This helped a lot to lower my personal return rates. And now I want to help return yours as well:

Our mission here at Best Patrols is: to save you from ever guessing if a product is worth your money again. 

Me, David, and my team of product investigators are patrolling the web and drawing on 100s of real buyers in order to, first, select the best handful of products in a given category.

Second, we turn those buyers’ experiences with the products into in-depth comparison reviews.

So you discover the strengths and shortcomings of a product before you ever buy it.

We hope you profit from our work here at Best Patrols.

If you’ve got any questions, you can get in touch with us via the contact page.